Tax Payment Guide

Pay your direct and indirect taxes online through ‘SIBerNet’ - South Indian Banks Internet Banking facility.

A) Pre-requisites for Online Tax Payment

  1. Savings / Current / Other Accounts with SIBerNet (SIB’s Internet Banking Facility) transaction facility
  2. Valid PAN / TAN / ASSESSEE code
  3. Registration of PAN / TAN / ASSESSEE code with SIBerNet
  4. Present limit for transactions through SIBerNet is Rs 3Lakhs and 15 lakhs per day for retail and corporate customers respectively. For higher limits, corporate customers need to submit Limit Enhancement request at their respective branch. For retail customers they can place limit enhancement request (Up to Rs 10.00 Lakhs) through SIBerNet itself ie through personalize transaction limit under service requests menu

B) How to avail the Tax Payment Facility?

  1. SIBerNet Personal customer – Existing SIBerNet Personal customers can avail the Tax Payment facility as part of their SIBerNet facility.
  2. SIBerNet Corporate Customer – SIBerNet Corporate Customer will be able to use the online tax payment facility only after applying for Tax Payment through their respective branches (even though the Tax Payment menu is visible in their SIBerNet Portal).
    For applying for online tax payment facility, you may have to duly fill up the SIBerNet application form, along with the resolution/mandate The Mandate/Resolution shall assign an authorized user to make tax payments on behalf of the corporate enterprise.

C) Tax payment limit enhancement

D) Tax payment facilities available through Internet Banking

Direct and Indirect Taxes

Direct Taxes Indirect Taxes
  • TDS/TCS Payments.
  • Income Tax-Payment - Self-Assessment tax, Advance tax etc.
  • Securities Transaction Tax
  • Hotel Receipts Tax
  • Estate Duty
  • Interest Tax
  • Wealth Tax
  • Expenditure/Other Tax/li>
  • Gift Tax
  • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • GST payments

E) Tax Payment – Steps to be followed

  1. Login to SIBerNet with User ID and Sign-on Password
  2. Go to ‘Tax Centre’ menu after login.
  3. Click on the “Tax Payment” menu on the left hand side of the screen.

The following options will appear

  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • Registration
  • Tax payments
  • View All Requests

F) Time frame for Tax Payment

  1. SIBerNet Personnel / Corporate users can remit the tax amount 24*7, however, the challan date shall be the date of subsequent working day of the Bank in Kerala.
  2. In order to effect the remittance to tax department on the same day, tax payer should remit the amount before 5.00 pm on working days.
    Challan date for the tax payment entries made after 5.00 PM or on Bank holidays shall be the date of the subsequent working day of the Bank in Kerala.

G) How to get the Challan Identification Number (CIN)?

Click on ‘View all Requests” in Tax Centre and click on the reference number to get the CIN. The CIN will be updated in Cyber receipt for e-tax payment on the consecutive working day of the Bank in Kerala State. The challan date will be the same as the day in which the customer makes the tax payment, provided that the payment is made within the time limit (5.00 pm) and on a bank working day for Kerala State.

H) CIN (Challan Identification number) Format

The first seven digits in CIN number column indicates the BSR code, the next eight digits indicates the date of payment, and the last five digit indicate Challan Identification Number.