Fund Transfer

Transfer funds to own SIB accounts (Self fund transfer)

Click on 'Self Fund Transfer' under ' Fund Transfers' section in SIBerNet. Select ‘My Debit Account’ & ‘My Credit Account’, enter the amount, remarks, frequency type, transaction date and click continue to proceed to the Preview Confirmation Page. Retail customers can submit the transaction to complete the self fund transfer. Corporate customers can authorise the transaction with transaction password & OTP.

Transfer funds to other SIB accounts (Third party fund transfer)

Click on 'Third Party Fund Transfer' under ' Fund Transfers' section. You can either transfer fund to registered SIB payee/Beneficiary or you can choose instant Payee/ Beneficiary.  

Transfer funds to other Banks (External Fund Transfer)

Click on 'External Fund Transfer' under 'Fund Transfers' section. You have to register Payee / Beneficiary before making NEFT/ RTGS payment. You have to select the following fields to make a fund transfer

Transfer funds 24X7 using IMPS Facility

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is a 24x7 instant interbank electronic fund transfer service provided by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). To make IMPS fund transfer using A/c number and IFSC: Login to SIBerNet and navigate to Fund transfers >> IMPS Using IFSC code (24 x 7). Enter Debit Account number, registered payee/Beneficiary, amount, beneficiary reference and my remarks and click continue. Enter transaction password and OTP (whenever required) to authenticate and complete the transaction.

Transfer funds to Virtual Account Number (VAN)

“Virtual Account Number (VAN)” is basically a reference number that can be termed as a beneficiary account number. At the time of implementation, VAN System was facilitated only for NEFT transactions from other banks to the virtual accounts configured in our bank.

To do a VAN Fund Transfer, Login to SIBerNet and go to Fund transfer >> click on "SIB Virtual A/c Fund Transfer ". In the VAN fund transfer page, choose debit account number, enter credit account number (VAN), amount, remarks and click on "Continue ". When customer enter the virtual account number, beneficiary virtual account name will be displayed to the customer for cross checking. On clicking "Continue ", and enter transaction password and One Time Password to complete VAN fund transfer. Prior Beneficiary registration is not required for VAN fund transfers through SIBerNet.