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Your login-ID and Password are essential and important for signing onto Internet Banking Services. They give you the authorization to access your bank accounts thru’ our Internet Banking Services. Kindly, therefore, keep them well protected. Please ensure safe banking thru’ Internet.
Virtual Key Board (VKB): For logging onto the Internet Banking services, you have to enter your Log-in ID and the Login Password. You may type in the Login ID and the Password in the appropriate boxes and then ‘click’ GO button. Alternately, the enhanced version has a concept called ‘Virtual Key Board’ (VKB) using which also you can click the letters of your Log-in ID and/or Password and then ‘click’ GO button. On verification of correct and proper Log-in ID and Password combination, the system opens you up the NetBanking Main Page. Using of VKB is an option provided for improved system security from customer’s point of view. You may choose to use the usual way of entering the Login-ID and the Password from your Computer KeyBoard also.
Transaction Password is essential only when you try to perform financial transactions through the Internet Banking. The system uses two passwords for a Login-ID, viz., Login-Password and the Transaction Password. Login-Password is needed to enter into the NetBanking Page. Inside the NetBanking web pages, for performing fund-based transactions, the system will prompt you to enter the Transaction Password. Only if the correct and proper Transaction Password is entered, the fund-based transaction will get completed, after due automatic validations in the system.